• There will be some significant enhancements to the Australian Three Peaks Race in 2015.
    The Race will now start in Devonport on Friday March 6th, the eve of the Labour Day long weekend.

  • Thursday 10th April 2014, 11.00 am.
    For immediate Release:

    Bright New Future for 2015 Australian Three Peaks Race

    For 25 years the Australian Three Peaks Race has been an iconic event on the Tasmanian calendar.

    A unique combination of offshore sailing and ultra distance running, the event captures the imagination of the public at every port visited.

    Thousands of people gather at the start to watch the teams of four sailors and two runners set out into Bass Strait for the 600 kilometre journey around Tasmania’s scenic but challenging eastern coastline to Hobart. Enroute the towns of Lady Barron on Flinders Island and Coles Bay near Freycinet National Park play host to the teams and many visitors following the event.

    After each sailing leg runners make the gruelling ascents of Mt Strzelecki, Mt Freycinet, and Mt Wellington; a combined distance of more than 130 kms of mountain running.

    Following the 2013 race the voluntary committee that organises the event were informed by their host club Port Dalrymple Yacht Club that the club had a divergent view on the future of the race, and in October the club gave notice of intention to terminate the Memorandum of Understanding with the committee.

    Whilst it may have initially appeared that the race was homeless, the  Three peaks Inc. committee took the opportunity to defer the 2014 race, and use the time to examine every aspect of the event in order to enhance it for the next 25 years.

    It became obvious early in the deliberations that Devonport, a city with a strong maritime history, offered a better venue to host the start of the race.

    There are air and sea passenger links just minutes from the city, accommodation and support services within the city, and the close viewing of the action on the river from parklands on both sides of the river is unsurpassed.

    The Three Peaks Inc. committee are pleased to announce that a Memorandum of Understanding has recently been signed between their committee and the Mersey Yacht Club, who will host the Australian Three Peaks Race and provide the start facilities.

    Whilst the Three Peaks has traditionally been an Easter event, it was also determined that a new start time would provide positive benefits.

    The 2015 Australian Three Peaks Race will commence in the Mersey River on the evening of Friday March 6th. It will become a complimentary event to the Taste The Harvest Festival organised annually by the Devonport Lions Club, helping to make Devonport the place to be over the March long weekend each year.

    Spectators will be able to picnic along the river and watch the Spirit of Tasmania ferry and the Three Peaks Race yachts leave the Mersey River, with the yachts turning a buoy laid off the Devonport Bluff before setting sail for Flinders Island.

    As yachts have become faster over the years, the later Friday evening start will ensure daylight activity on Flinders Island, with a finish still expected in Hobart by the following Monday

    The committee have taken a deliberate stance to emphasise that the Three Peaks Race is a team challenge and not simply a yacht race.

    Three further enhancements have been decided upon.

    Slower yachts will be given motoring instructions for specific parts of the course should they fall too far behind, enabling the teams to be kept close, with appropriate adjustments made to leg times.

    The two major race trophies will be a revamped Tilman trophy, a point score challenge within the reach of every team, as well as a line honours trophy for the first team reaching the finish line at Mawson Place near Constitution Dock in Hobart having completed all the sailing and running legs without assistance.

    The Tilman trophy was donated by the British race organisers to the inaugural Australian race. It rewards older crews, slower boats and teams that send additional runners onto Mount Wellington, encourages charity fund raising, and penalises yacht performance enhancements such as moveable appendages and multihulls.

    With so many diverse components, winning the Tilman trophy will be an achievement that rewards teams who take up the unique challenge, and cannot simply be bought with the biggest cheque book.

    Finally, entries will be capped at 20 teams due to the limited facilities at the smaller host ports.

    These changes together with improved use of technology such as yacht and runner trackers will reduce the load on volunteer marshalls who are an essential part of the race.

    The changes announced today will ensure the Three Peaks Race maintains the essential elements of ‘team’ and ‘challenge’ that has been the essence of the public popularity of this event since its inception, while adapting to the requirements of future participants.

    As we count down to the 2015 start, further information about the race will be available on our website www.threepeaks.org.au

    Further updates can be obtained from organising committee chairman Terry Travers 0408 188 683,
    or Race Director Raoul Stow  0417 351 423

  • Download DRAFT RULES for 2015 Race.


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