Draft Rules for 2015 Race now available

David Rees and the team aboard Whistler (Dovell 36) have the unique distinction of having won both the Three Peaks Line Honours and Tilman Trophy (pic Paul Scambler)

With the recent enhancements announced for the 2015 Australian Three Peaks Race, organisers have posted a draft set of revised rules on the event website at www.threepeaks.org.au/rules.pdf

The new start venue at Devonport will provide enhanced access for competitors and more options for spectator viewing. To further invigorate the starting spectacle, the fleet will be divided into two groups, with the faster boats pursuing the slower teams as they exit into Bass Strait.

In a back to grass roots approach, the 2015 race will further highlight the Tilman Trophy as a major prize. This trophy is decided using a point score system, where additional points can be accrued for older participants, additional runners on Mt Wellington, and fund raising for charity.

The overall trophy will be awarded to the team that completes all running and sailing legs in the fastest time, irrespective of yacht design.

By embracing the two concepts of “first past the post”, and “reward for effort”, the event caters for teams with a passion for line honours, as well as those who want to participate for the personal satisfaction of completing the challenging course but still have a realistic chance of a major prize.

Restrictions on facilities in the small, but picturesque coastal ports along Tasmania’s east coast mean that entries need to be capped.

Entries will open shortly and will be announced on the website.

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